New  Bedford Mass, Working WaterFront Festival, 2015

Past Performances


PorchFest Quincy, 2016

I'se the B'Y,  with a little help

June 24, 2017

PorchFest Quincy, MA

5-7 pm, Squantom Neighborhood


Ambrose Wise Band

Warren, Rhode Island

Traditional Newfoundland Music

with Irish and Scottish Jigs, Reels, Waltzes.

Roots in Bonavista, Newfoundland

New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park, 2015

PICA Community Supper June 2017

Here are some of the songs we perform:

 I's the B'y

 Mussels in the Corner
 The Banks of  Newfoundland
 Now I'm Sixty Four
 Haste to the Wedding
 Banish Misfortune
 A Waltz for Kylin
 The Star of Logy Bay

June 6, 2017  4 - 5:30

Mathewson Street Church, PICA Community Supper, Providence, RI

PICA Community Supper, June 2017